TSenda Corporation Limited Is a Financial Technology Services Solution Provider that has focused on continued innovation around the pain points customers go through daily in the course of their interactions within the space

Major division of the Corporation include

Receivables Management: Invoicing and settlement functions on behalf of different entities

Reconciliation: Full proof hourly, daily and monthly reconciliation solution

Collateral Management: We manage a collection of collateral for both local and overseas clients.

Biller Integration and Receipting Systems: Receipting Services for all Payments made in banks, Mobile Money and retail outlets.

Fintech Application Development: Development Of Finance and Records

Management related application Professional Services Consultancy: We take on baseline surveys and advice clients accordingly.

Customer acquisition: We run business development and marketing services on assignment from different clients.

Some of the revolutionary solutions developed by TSenda include


Tsenda avails tamper proof receipt that records a digital mobile transaction.

Chapeo lending application:

We provide short term credit solutions, employee advances, payroll processing functionalities.

Sacco Guarantor Management Systems:

Through our partner networks, we provide Finance solutions to our partner members.

Electronic Receipting Solutions for billers and retailers:

This helps so you don’t need boxes and safes and big rooms to keep storing the receipts

We continuously innovate to make the world a better place.

As part of our Value added services, we also provide our users and clients with the following services:-

  • Post-Paid Bills
  • Pre-Paid Tokens
  • New Connections and Deposits
  • Stima Loan Repayments
  • Reconnection Fees
  • Water Bills invoicing and collection
  • Service Charge invoicing and Management
  • Club membership Subscription management
  • Events Payments Management
  • Stadia Management
  • Call Centre Service
  • Payment Verification Services
  • Payment Records storage and retrieval Services.